Christmas Trees, Holly Wreaths and Fir Wreaths

We have just received our first delivery of Christmas Trees for 2021 – not sure exactly how many further deliveries we will receive – it rather depends on supply and demand – so don’t hesitate in picking out yours – even if you decide it’s too early to put it up – keep it in the garden for a couple of weeks, then at least you know you have one ready for the big event!

All of our 2021 Christmas Trees are Nordmann Fir – this is the long lasting, soft needle and low drop variety – perfect for homes with children and pets as the needles are a lot kinder than the traditional ones!

We have 3 ranges of trees – 5ft – 6ft, 6ft – 7ft and 7ft -8ft. The quality of the trees is even better than in 2020 if that is possible as they were pretty splendid then; but we are really happy with what we are seeing in our 2021 ones too.

Additionally we have now received some smaller (3ft) potted trees. Our Holly Wreaths and Fir Wreaths are now in stock too.