Garden plants

We stock a good range of seasonal garden plants, all at competitive prices.

Our range frequently changes with a variety of plants to keep your gardens and patios looking fresh and pretty. Whether it’s some spring or summer bedding, a mixture of hardy perennials, or herbaceous borders, we have got your gardens covered.

Summer colours are now back in to stock, and we are receiving fresh deliveries every couple of days, so there is always fresh stock to have a look at. Bedding plants are all but finished now we are coming into July, but we do have some, vegetable plants and herb plants currently on our trollies as well as a selection of perennials.

We are still getting a beautiful supply of hanging baskets, round and cone shaped ones still coming into stock regularly.

We also keep a large amount of good quality compost in stock all year.

We have fresh deliveries arriving almost every day at the peak of the planting season, so there is always a turn around of fresh stock to choose from and make your gardens look gorgeous.

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